Editorial services for your children's, YA, and NA manuscripts.


Kate is a pro. Reliable, fast and keen eyed. She had done both big picture edits and proof reading on my YA novel. My manuscript is considerably better because of her attention.

Pam R.

I’ve worked with Teen Eyes Editorial for a number of years now, and I find that they always provide quality work. I’ve used services for Reader Reports, In-Depth Critiques, and Line Editing. I’ve been happy with the quality of the work each time. So far I’ve used them on seven different books, and I’ve never been disappointed!

J.B. Cantwell
author of the ASTER WOOD series (available where ebooks are sold)

I originally sought out Zoe and Teen Eyes Editorial to help with my “teen voice.” But what I got was so much more! Zoe’s editorial overview and chapter by chapter notes were indispensable. She pointed out things that I completely overlooked and helped me evaluate parts of the manuscript that weren’t working. She offered a fresh perspective to help improve the flow of the story. Her suggestions and edits were on par with editorial input I’ve received from major publishing houses.

Megan Kelley Hall
author of SISTERS OF MISERY (Kensington; 2008), THE LOST SISTER (Kensington; 2009) and DEAR BULLY (HarperTeen; 2011)

Zoe is a truly insightful editor. She was able to pick out the flaws in my manuscript that either I hadn’t noticed, or that I thought no one else would. She showed me exactly what needed working on, as well as giving me a broad look at what worked well in the novel. Everything in her report was well thought out and made perfect sense. I will definitely be using Teen Eyes again!

Avery St. Pierre
author of THE KING OF DORKDOM (Harmony Ink Press; 2014)

Zoe was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her editorial prowess discovered the issues and flaws that needed to be corrected and re-worked within my novel. With her expertise, I was able create an even greater story than I could have imagined. Zoe’s insightful ideas and skills in editing were spot on and her reasoning for weak areas, as well as strong ones, were clear and concise. She made herself available for my many questions and worked with me after her edit, which I truly appreciate. I will most definitely be using Zoe as my editor for future novels.

Craig McLaughlin

Grace is a wonderful reader who edits with a smart eye. She is critical without being harsh, and was able to point out all the faraway things in my story that I was too close to see.

Lindsay Cummings
author of THE MURDER COMPLEX (Greenwillow/HarperCollins; 2014) and #1 NYT Bestselling Author of ZENITH (Mirabel; 2016)

Kate Coursey has a sharp editorial eye. Not only can she spot weakness in a manuscript, she can also clearly explain why something isn’t working and what you might do to significantly strengthen your story and overall writing skills. Also, she’s amazingly kind and encouraging.

Liesl Shurtliff
author of RUMP (Random House; 2013)

I first met Kate Coursey at an intense writer’s workshop where all we did for one whole week was critique each other’s work. Even though Kate was the youngest in the class, she rivaled even our published-author mentor in her critiquing skills. Since then, Kate has done some critique work for me and she is fantastic! She has the ability to see outside the box, to not be trapped in the conforms of your story, but to offer suggestions that are wholly unique and, quite frankly, liberating. I can highly recommend Kate to any writer who’s looking for an excellent, professional and thoughtful critique. I know I’ll be using Kate again!

Ali Cross
author of BECOME (available on all ebook platforms)

I’m revising my book now and Kate’s notes are proving very helpful. I love that her advice is all very coherent and plainly expressed. She’s critical but supportive, which is just what I like and need. Also her in-text comments are great, ranging from advice, simple corrections, to little pats on the back for things she particularly liked. It’s always nice to hear that a reader gets your jokes.

Gabrielle Prendergast
author of WICKET SEASON (Lorimer; 2012) and HILDEGARDE (HarperCollins Australia; 2002)

It was a pleasure working with Zoe, who has a keen eye for character motivation, and manages to catch many things other readers have missed. She has a talent for providing the perfect balance of criticism and encouragement, and provided an impressive editorial letter with a quick turn-around time.

Matthew MacNish
blogger at htttp://theqqqe.blogspot.com