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Kate Coursey


Edts: Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult

Kate Coursey has been editing professionally since 2010. She helped found Teen Eyes in 2011, working with clients from all over the world to perfect their manuscripts. As a YA autho, her novel LIKE CLOCKWORK won Scholastic’s PUSH Novel Contest when she was 16 years old. In addition to having extensive experience as a freelance editor, Kate worked as an intern at Scholastic Press, where she read many agented and unagented submissions. She received the prestigious Sterling Scholar Grant in 2011 based on an extensive creative writing sample. Later that year, Kate underwent a comprehensive evaluation of her editorial skills, beating out dozens of post-grad students for an editorial internship at a mid-sized publisher. She is currently finishing up her ninth novel, which took first place in the LDS Storymakers First Chapter Contest. Kate is currently represented by John Cusick of Folio Literary Management. Kate spends far too much time messing around on the Internet and occasionally succumbs to caffeine-induced fits of hysteria at 2:00 a.m.

Kate loves all things fantasy, contemporary, historical, steampunk, dystopian, and magical realism. She particularly enjoys unique lead characters and morally ambiguous situations.

Grace Smith


Edits: Middle Grade, Young Adult

Grace Smith is a 18-year-old who’s been passionately blogging about books and writing since April 2011. During those three years, Grace has interned for a small press, served on numerous panels and teen outreach programs by publishers, as well as edited for authors with book deals from imprints such as SimonTeen and Greenwillow. After attending BookExpo America in 2012, Grace’s desire to work in publishing led to her to pursue even more connections to the industry. While Grace currently focuses on short stories and poetry herself, she’s fervently devoted to manuscripts and the development of fiction. A finalist in the prestigious Virginia B. Ball Creative Writing Competition, Grace studied at Interlochen Center for the Arts in the summer of 2013 under the tutelage of professors from M.F.A. programs at the University of Michigan and Brown University. She reads over 200-300 books a year but can never read, write, or edit enough. She has a weakness for books from strong poetry backgrounds as well as fractured fairy tales, but loves almost everything encompassed by the young adult genre. When not working or with her identical twin, she plays lacrosse and piano.

Zoe Strickland

Editorial DIrector

Edits: Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult, Adult, and Women’s Fiction

Zoe Strickland is a 19-year-old California college student currently living in Oregon. She has been working at Teen Eyes for two years, and has been Editorial Director for one year. Outside of Teen Eyes, she is Editor-in-Chief of The Northwest Passage, Western Oregon University’s literary magazine.

After a brief and intense tryst with Harry Potter, Zoe went straight into reading Young Adult books. After reviewing books for 5 years, she decided to end her review website in 2014 in order to fully focus on editing. In addition to book blogging, Zoe’s past literary experience includes an internship with Creston Books and assisting Young Adult novelists Sarah Ockler and Daisy Whitney. Zoe particularly enjoys contemporary novels with characters that jump off of the page and demand to be heard. Though she loves to read anything and everything, some of her favorite writers are David Levithan, Rainbow Rowell, Hannah Moskowitz, and Stephanie Perkins.

When she isn’t editing, Zoe enjoys watching British television, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and dancing to musicals.