Editorial services for your children's, YA, and NA manuscripts.


With a big fat green pen in her hand, Taryn Albright founded Teen Eyes with one mission: to bring a unique perspective to the children’s and young adult writing community. 

We bring a perspective that your critique partners and beta readers may not have: we are closer to the age demographic of your future target audience, teens, as well as being experienced writers and members of the publishing community. Between the four of us, we represent years of experience at major trade publishers, literary agencies, and independent start-ups.

While there are many freelance editors out there, our age, added to our unique and extensive publishing and writing experiences, makes us a very valuable commodity for your writing.

Teen Eyes is about more than a critique – it’s about a unique perspective that only we can give. Although you initially have to impress editors and agents, your ultimate goal is for your story to resonate with your target audience. The ability to connect with your readership will determine whether or not your book will “sell” — sell to agents, sell to editors, or sell directly to readers.

Our clients’ manuscripts regularly leave our desks and reach great success. We have authors that sign with agents and then sell to major trade publishers, and authors that self-publish to terrific praise. 

The Teen Eyes experience doesn’t end with final revisions. We are collaborators, and enjoy keeping the conversation with our clients running long after we hit “send” on the editorial letter.

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